Gustavo Arellano and Orange County

On Thursday, September 18th at 7pm, Gustavo Arellano, of ¡Ask a Mexican! fame, will be reading excerpts from his recently released book, Orange County: A Personal History at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. Though I’ve yet to read this little gem what I gather from his shameless self-promotion in the latest edition of the OC Weekly, Gustavo does two things in Orange County: he recounts his own life while offering a historical account of Orange County through a thinking person’s perspective critical lens. Oh those mephitic Mexicans, what will they think of next? Hopefully bathing.

Unfortunately, I must send the guero-from-around-the-block, Difficile, in my stead as I am unable to attend. But I am picking up my copy from Libreria Martinez in the next few days, and holmes, you should too. Oh, and don’t forget the upstairs after-party over at Rancho de Mendoza–home of the best margarita in downtown Santana.

Gustavo Arellano at the Yost Theatre
307 N. Sprugeon, Santa Ana
Thursday, September 17th; 7:00pm

Libreria Martinez
1110 N. Main
Santa Ana CA 92701


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