have some, it’s good for you

Yogurt can serve at least two purposes in ones life: it can help keep one regular, and it can help get one laid. I figured this out a while ago, and so for the last six months I have decidedly upped my yogurt intake.

I won’t talk about the virtues of yogurt in relation to one’s copulatory frequency. (I will say this, however: If you tend to frequent a) libraries, b) farmer’s markets, c) cafes or d) any of the above AND are e) single and looking, THEN your should f) add the yogurt isle to your catalog of destinations and take note of the people who spend time surveying that isle.) Oh yes, don’t worry … I’ll spare you the details of Ye Olde Nummer Zwei.

My experimentation with yogurt has taken me from no-name cups to amazingly fresh “Bio” yogurts, and flavors ranging from “plain” to “straccialata” with fat contents from nil to eight percent. By and large the best yogurt I’ve had has been in Europe: the “Bio” brand in Germany, Rhubarb Yogurt in the UK, and the cream top kind that comes in single-serving sized terra cotta containers in France. (Note: there is no direct correlation between how “good” a yogurt is and how … ahem … “good” fans of said yogurt are.)

During a recent trip to Mother’s Market, Santa Ana I found this little beauty:
Liberte Yogurt

This flavor combination is amazing. The plum is sweet (but not too sweet) with an underlying flavor of walnut that only just subtly comes through. Without telling her anything about it, I had a friend* try out this yogurt; although she was not able to place the flavors she was floored by the sheer brilliance of it. The texture is luscious, slightly fluffy with a complementing soft-crunch from bits of walnut.

Liberte Yogurt from Mother’s Market in Santa Ana; 151 E Memory Ln, Santa Ana, CA; (714) 542-6667.

*Note: “friend” not found in yogurt isle.


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