IFF i had leggs

De La Sade is where I would get shit to wrap them in.  Punkt.

De La Sade, Pair on Bikes

De La Sade Rico from Afrobots


De La Sade, Alaina& Rico (Afrobots) in Shopping Carts

De La Sade, Alaina Pumps It Up!

De La Sade, Alaina in Shopping Cart

De La Sade starts where American Apparel stops.  While AA helped solidify leggings in the current trend-fabric of fashion, De La Sade is taking leggings where they’ve never wandered before.  Not even the eighties dared to look this avant-grand.  Since September 2008, LA-based sisters Gia and Amanda La Sade have been creating these fucked-uppingly fantastic pieces using unconvential materials and LA-Partyciruit inspiration. I hope this brainchild of theirs isn’t dumpster-dropped anytime soon. Through slam-glam colors, bangin’ designs, and neo-eighties swagger, the De La Sade duo redefines the meaning of “leggings.”

Shop De La Sade online or go find them in stores some time soon.

The Marquis would’ve approved.


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